Phil’s Camino


Free spirit Phil, a man living with Stage 4 cancer and dreaming of walking the 500 mile spiritual pilgrimage Camino de Santiago across Spain. Unable to make the trip, he does the next best thing: he builds a camino in the forest behind his house, starts to walk, and traces his progress on a map. Phil’s journey is one of hope, acceptance, and freedom, and is sure to inspire anyone who has ever dreamed of doing something that sounded impossible. Upon reaching ‘Santiago de Compostela’ — without ever leaving his backyard — Phil gets a clean scan and his doctors grant him a ‘chemo holiday’, or permission to miss one chemo treatment. He now has 28 days to go and walk the ancient route in Spain. Along the way he realizes his true pilgrimage is the one he travels within.

Date: Sunday, August 28, 2016
Time: 4pm
Location: Town Hall Theater
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Director: Annie O’Neil, Jessica Lewis
Writer: Annie O’Neil
Producer: Annie O’Neil

Genre: Documentary short
Length: 27 min
Location: USA
Language: English