On Saturday morning of the Festival, MNFF’s Artistic Director Jay Craven will sit down with the prolific M. Emmet Walsh [“Blood Simple,” “Blade Runner,” “Slap Shot”] and Michael Murphy [“Nashville,” “Manhattan,” “The Year of Living Dangerously”] as they reflect on their long and fruitful careers as high profile character actors in the film industry. The event is open to the public and is set for 8:30am on the patio at the Middlebury Inn.

“People probably don’t realize that the legendary character actor, Emmet Walsh, was born in Ogdensburg, NY and lives in Vermont,” said Jay Craven. “Film Critic Roger Ebert cited what he called the Stantont/Walsh rule that states that any film starring Emmet Walsh or equally fine character actor Harry Sean Stanton must have merit. We’re truly thrilled to have Emmet and Altaman and Woody Allen Mainstay Michael Murphy with us – to explore this fascinating world of the character actor.”

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