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The Dog Doc

Q&A w/ Director Cindy Meehl following the screening

Thursday, August 22
7pm @ Town Hall Theater [WAITLIST]

We typically admit folks off the Waitlist, so do sign up at:
Town Hall Theater Box Office
(802) 382-9222
Mon-Sat Noon-5pm
68 S Pleasant St, Middlebury VT


This beautiful documentary tells the story of Dr. Marty Goldstein, a maverick veterinarian, and his dedicated team of DVMs at Smith Ridge Veterinary Center, as they create a mecca for pets and owners looking for hope and a last chance for animal healing. The Dog Doc poses deep questions about the treatment of animals, pushing humans to consider the difference between medication and integrative, holistic care. The film offers an immersive view into a seldom seen world, painting a picture of pure dedication and joy. Director Cindy Meehl will attend and speak with MNFF Artistic Director Jay Craven following the screening.

“We are so excited and honored to bring The Dog Doc to Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival this summer! It was a huge challenge to make this film which was so dependent on extraordinary access to the doctors, clients and furry patients. I believe that dogs, cats, and people will benefit from this story about a cutting edge alternative path to health. I am so passionately in love with all my animals and want them around for a very long time. That is why I had to make this film, so others would have new insight in how to keep their own pets and their family healthier.”

Director Cindy Meehl


Ernie & Joe

Following the Closing Night Ceremonies and VTeddy Awards
Q&A w/ Director Jenifer McShane following the screening

Sunday, August 25
8pm @ Town Hall Theater


To close its milestone 5th Annual Festival, MNFF has selected Ernie & Joe, an intimate portrait of two San Antonio, Texas police officers who are helping change the way police respond to mental health calls. Directed by Jenifer McShane, the documentary takes audiences on a personal journey, weaving together the officers’ experiences during their daily encounters with people in crisis. In taking this different path, Ernie and Joe’s success is engendering change in police departments around the country. Director McShane will attend the Closing Night screening and be in conversation with MNFF Artistic Director Jay Craven following the film.

“I believe strongly that my own contribution can be in raising awareness of tough societal issues through relatable characters and their stories. Upon learning of the innovative work of the SAPD mental health unit and meeting Ernie and Joe in person, I felt compelled to make this film. Their jail diversion work is humane and desperately needed to improve not only the health of the mentally ill, but also of their families. We have seen many films illustrating the multitude of sins in police departments across the country. Ernie & Joe introduces us to officers trying and succeeding in doing it right.”

Director Jenifer McShane


Ruben Brandt, Collector

Friday, August 23
11pm @ Marquis Theater

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New to the Fest this year, MNFF will present “Late Night at The Marquis.” Modeled after Sundance Film Festival’s signature Midnight Screenings, MNFF will showcase an astonishing and utterly original animated film, Ruben Brandt, Collector.

Geared to audiences 18+, this wildly colorful film follows Ruben Brandt, a psychotherapist forced to steal masterpiece paintings to cure his horrific nightmares. He enlists four of his patients/confidants to form a strike team that regularly and with great success pulls off heists at the Louvre, Tate, Uffizi, Hermitage, and MoMA Museums, to name but a few of their targets. Ruben Brandt, Collector is the brilliant work of Hungarian director Milorad Krstic and displays a prodigious talent and imagination. Don’t miss this spectacular, “perfect for late night” film! “Late Night at The Marquis” offers a new dimension to Festival audiences at one of the Fest’s most popular venues.


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