Greetings to our family of friends, supporters and filmmakers from around the world!  We truly hope that this note finds you healthy, safe and coping well in these very challenging times.  

For the last few months, since the COVID-19 pandemic descended on our country, our state, our community, we have been patiently watching developments and maintaining a cautiously optimistic position that a limited version of the 6th Annual Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival could be staged in late August.  And, indeed, the progress that the State of Vermont has made in combating the virus is remarkable, thanks in no small measure to the incredible sacrifices that the people of Vermont have made.  We remained hopeful.  But, in recent days, it has become clear to us that all the key elements we would need to present even a scaled back event will not come together this summer.  So, we are writing to let you know that the physical version of MNFF6 will not take place this August.  There will not be a joyous gathering of filmmakers and festival goers on the streets and in the theaters of beautiful Middlebury and we are genuinely disappointed to convey this decision to you.  

But there is definitely good news to share as well!  We have begun working on an online version of the 6th Annual Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival to take place around the same late August dates of the physical Festival.  We are very excited about this new approach.  You can anticipate a robust collection of both feature films and shorts, documentaries and dramas, from first and second time filmmakers, to be available for viewing.  You can look forward to interesting Q&As with filmmakers.  And, what’s more, you can expect to engage with the Festival not on a tight day-by-day, film-by-film schedule but rather a flexible schedule that lets you watch a film whenever you’d like over the course of the event. 

Through our newsletter, social platforms and here on our website, we will be releasing many more details about the 6th Annual Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival Online Edition in the weeks to come, including the exact dates, the film offerings and how to purchase Festival Passes.  We hope you will attend and enjoy.  As always, we welcome your continued support.  Feel free to spread the word and please consider making a donation to help us cover the cost of bringing MNFF6 to life online. 

Take very good care of your fine selves and stay strong!