A Different Place, Altogether

Artist Ross Sheehan sets out to examine the fluctuating suburban-city of South Burlington, Vermont. He walks throughout the quasi-urban landscape in search of vanishing landmarks such as an abandoned “Pizza Hut” and a semi-permanent street barricade. A Different Place, Altogether is not only a tour of the in-between environments of a place, but an honest quest to bring awareness to the overlooked monuments existing in a rapidly changing community.

Dates: Thursday, August 27 – Thursday, September 3
Time: All hours
Access to the film: Fest Pass or Ticket
Location: Documentary Short Program – POETIC
NOTE: Single Ticket to this film includes all short films in the Documentary Program 1- Poetic. Total run time: 80 min.

Director: Ross Sheehan
Writer: Ross Sheehan
Producer: Cat Cutillo, Ross Sheehan

Genre: Documentary short
Length: 8 min
Location: USA
Language: English