Based on a short story by Man Booker Prize-winning author George Saunders, Adams is a very dark comedy starring Patton Oswalt and Fred Armisen. Oswalt plays Roger, a regular guy who’s always been suspicious of Adams (Armisen), his pretentious next-door neighbor. One day Roger comes home to find Adams standing in his kitchen in his underwear. The allegorical conflict that ensues explores themes like fear of the other and anti-intellectualism that are very much of the moment in America today.

Dates: Thursday, August 27 – Thursday, September 3
Time: All hours
Access to the film: Fest Pass or Ticket
Location: Narrative Short Program – OUTSIDE
NOTE:┬áSingle Ticket to this film includes all short films in the Narrative Program 1 – Outside.┬áTotal run time: 78 min.

Director: Tom Stern
Writer: Tom Stern
Producer: Tom Stern, Daniel Kellison

Genre: Narrative Short
Length: 20 min
Location: USA
Language: English

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