American Thief


Inspired by real events between 2015 and 2019, American Thief follows its protagonists in a plot aimed at manipulating the 2016 American presidential election. Toncruz, a teenage hacker, uses the internet to try to avenge his father’s death, while his best friend, Diop, uses hacking as a tool in the fight for racial justice. Paul Hunter, an enraged digital influencer known as “The Van Man,” and Toncruz are contacted by a “dark web” user who claims to have access to the secrets they seek to unlock.


Directed by: Miguel Silveira [Filmmaker to Attend]
Written by: Miguel Silveira, Michel Stolnicki, Missy Hernandez
Produced by: Michel Stolnicki, Missy Hernandez


Genre: Narrative
Length: 82 minutes 
Location: United States
Language: English