Best Summer Ever

Sage and Anthony have had the “Best Summer Ever” after falling in love at a dance camp in Vermont. Not expecting to reunite until the following summer, Sage arrives unexpectedly at Anthony’s high school. Now faced with high school cliques, an evil cheerleader, and an illegal secret keeping Sage’s family on the move, they must reevaluate their relationship as Tony struggles to be both a high school football star and the dancer he’s always wanted to be.

Date: Thursday, 8/26
Time: 7:15pm
Location: Marquis Main
Filmmaker Attending

Directors: Michael Parks Randa, Lauren Smitelli 
Writers: Will Halby, Terra Mackintosh, Andrew Pilkington, Michael Parks Randa, Lauren Smitelli
Produces [Attending MNFF7]: Terra Mackintosh, Andrew Pilkington, Leah Romond, Jake Sharpless, Katie White

Genre:  Narrative 
Length: 72m
Location: United States 
Language: English