Death By A Thousand Cuts

Eligio Eloy Vargas, alias Melaneo, a Dominican Park Ranger in the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, was found brutally murdered by machete. At the time, he was believed to have been investigating an illegal charcoal production site often run by Haitians coming across the border into protected Dominican forests. This murder becomes the metaphor for the larger story of increasing tension between Haiti and the Dominican Republic over illicit charcoal exploitation and mass deforestation.

Date: Sunday, August 27, 2017
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: Dana Auditorium

Director: Juan Mejia Botero & Jake Kheel
Producer: Ben Selkow & Jake Kheel

Genre: Documentary Feature
Length: 75 min
Location: Dominican Republic/Haiti
Language: French, Spanish (English subtitles)

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