Freedom & Unity TV Collection

Freedom & Untiy, Middlebury New Filmmaker Festival 2016

“Freedom & Unity TV Collection” is an annual film contest for young Vermonters who have made short films about their lives, passions and interests in their home state of Vermont. The films are judged by professionals in the film industry and awarded prizes. In 2016, 94 films were submitted. This is a selection of some of the winning films.

Date: Sunday, August 28, 2016
Time: 10:00am
Location: Marquis Screening Room
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See below for filmmaker information.

Genre: Narrative or documentary short
Length: 72 min (total runtime of all films)
Location: USA
Language: English

Young and Queer in VT by Alex Escaja (11:05)
This film takes a look on the stories of a handful of LGBTQ+ youth in the state of Vermont, who talk about their own experiences here in Vermont and give some tips on allyship, and their hopes for the future. (High School entry)

The Richer Whiter State — Seeing Race in Vermont by Laurel and Alyssa Chen (14:55)
The Richer Whiter State contrasts the colorblind view of race that is commonplace in Vermont with the real stories and experiences of People of Color in Vermont public schools. (Young Adult entry)

Peace or Prozac by Leah Kaliski (2:40)
This is the story of my depressive episode in 9th grade, told entirely in pictures. (High School entry)

The Ghastliness by Chico Eastridge (15:00)
A blood spoiling, hyper-fear induced nightmare of horror and chaos, based on true events, true stories, and the Truman Doctrine of 1947. (Young Adult entry)

European Skull Mounts by Sam Scott (4:00)
This film documents how to make a skull mount. (High School entry)

Spartan Rugby by Mike Odell (2:12)
This is a story about my Brother’s rugby team: I want to be just like him and maybe someday play on the team too. (High School entry)

Lost then Found: The Lost Boys of Sudan Encounter a Whole New World by Jayne Billings (9:58)
The story of several ‘lost boys of Sudan’ who are relocated to Vermont. (Middle School entry)

Poem for a Friend or Stranger by Charlotte Keathley (14:42)
A personal exploration and expression about the value of the natural world. (High School entry)