La Pastora

Laura decides to leave behind a promising career as a biologist in Barcelona and pursue her real dream: to become a shepherd in the remote Catalonian Pyrenees. She gamely faces the challenges of entering a traditionally all-male profession, of living in a village with only one permanent resident, and dealing with the inherent hardships of the shepherd’s life. But Laura faces her steepest hurdle when her mother refuses to support her new path.

Dates: Thursday, August 27 – Thursday, September 3
Time: All hours
Access to the film: Fest Pass or Ticket
Location: Documentary Short Program – POETIC
NOTE: Single Ticket to this film includes all short films in the Documentary Program 1- Poetic. Total run time: 80 min.

Director: Joan Alvado & David Sampliner
Writer: Joan Alvado & David Sampliner
Producer: Joan Alvado & David Sampliner

Genre: Documentary Short
Length: 13 min
Location: Spain
Language: Catalan [w/English subtitles]