Philly D.A.

Larry Krasner spent 30 years fighting the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office as a civil rights attorney. He sued the police over 75 times. After an election he was never supposed to win, he now is the Philly D.A.  Over the course of this eight part docuseries, Philly D.A. explores the most pressing social issues of our time—police brutality, the opioid crisis, gun violence, and mass incarceration—through the lens of an idealistic team attempting fundamental overhaul from within the system.

SPECIAL NOTE: This screening of Episodes 1 & 2 is part of a tribute to MNFF Honoree Yoni Brook.


Date: Thursday, August 24
Time: 2pm
Location: Town Hall Theater


Director: Yoni Brook [Filmmaker to attend], Ted Passon, Nicole Salazar
Producer: Yoni Brook, Ted Passon, Nicole Salazar, Josh Penn, Michael Gottwald


Genre: Documentary
Length: 113 minutes 
Location: United States
Language: English