Raising Victor Vargas

On New York City’s Lower East Side, Dominican teen and aspiring ladies’ man Victor Vargas has nothing but girls on his mind. Though he talks a big game at the local pool, Vargas’ true experience amounts to nothing more than a string of romantic rejections. After Vargas fails to improve his abysmal reputation by bedding an overweight classmate, he chooses a much more difficult target – the stunning and stuck-up Judy Ramirez.

SPECIAL NOTE: This screening is a special selection by MNFF Honoree Alexander Payne.


Date: Sunday, August 27
Time: 1pm
Location: Town Hall Theater


Director: Peter Sollett
Writer: Peter Sollett, Eva Vives
Producer: Peter Sollett, Robin O’Hara, Scott Macaulay, Alain de la Mata


Genre: Narrative
Length: 88 minutes
Location: United States
Language: English