The Conspiracy

Directed and written by Maxim Pozdorovkin and narrated by Mayim Bialik, The Conspiracy is an animated documentary that stunningly depicts how a centuries-old myth, that Jews are plotting to take over the world, moved from the fringe to the mainstream, becoming a pillar of modern anti-Semitism. To tell this story, the film uses the first-hand accounts of three prominent Jewish families, the Dreyfuses, Warburgs and Bronsteins, as the conspiracy develops and the lives of these families are woven further into its net. Alternating between the stories of a French soldier, a German banker and a Russian revolutionary, the film spans centuries to show the recurrence of the same conspiracy theory, one that ravages the lives of these characters and is set against the backdrop of a larger story about the Jewish people. From Simonini‚Äôs letter blaming the French Revolution on a Jewish conspiracy to the poisonous Protocols of the Elders of Zion, conmen and forgers spin an elaborate web of lies blaming Jews for the ills of the world.  Featuring the voices of Liev Schreiber, Jason Alexander, Lake Bell and Ben Shenkman, The Conspiracy is a deeply affecting and singular film experience.


Directed by: Maxim Pozdorovkin
Narrated by: Mayim Bialik


Genre: Documentary
Length: 90 minutes


MNFF Selects Series
Thursday, March 21
Town Hall Theater, Middlebury VT