Tin Men

Barry Levinson returns to the fertile soil of Baltimore with the 1987 release of the uproarious dark comedy Tin Men. Ernest Tilley and Bill “BB” Babowsky are rival door-to-door aluminum siding salesmen in 1963 Baltimore, an era when “tin men,” as they were called, will do almost anything—legal or illegal—to close a sale. BB is a smooth-talking con-artist who scams naive and comely young women with his sales pitches, while Tilley is a hapless loser.  They first meet when BB, driving his new Cadillac off the lot, backs into Tilley’s own Cadillac. Though Tilley had the right of way, each man blames the other and an escalating feud erupts between them.

Date: Wednesday, August 2
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Swift House Inn

Starring: Richard Dreyfuss, Danny DeVito, Barbara Hershey
Length: 112m
Rated: R