VT Emerging Filmmakers Showcase

Freedom & Unity TV

The Freedom & Unity Young Filmmaker Contest invites young Vermont and New Hampshire residents to create films exploring the life and culture of the Green Mountain and Granite States. Through film, young people explore the issues that they find meaningful, make connections between the past and the present, and share their personal stories.

WRIF Emerging Filmmakers Contest

The WRIF [White River Independent Film] Emerging Filmmakers Contest showcases the talents of young filmmakers (age 18-30) living in VT & NH. These films were selected as this year’s winners.

Conversations from the Open Road

Conversations From the Open Road is an annual road-trip filmmaking experience, featuring a group of young storytellers using digital media to explore the challenging issues and individual stories they find in a variety of communities around the United States.


Date: Sunday, August 28
Time: 10:00am
Location: Marquis Screening Room


Directed by: Various Filmmakers
Produced by: Various Filmmakers


Genre: Documentary
Length: 7 minutes; 37 minutes; 30 minutes
Location: United States
Language: English