An original and upbeat comedy, Wedgerino explores just how much friendship can bend before it breaks. Best friends and roommates Carl and Larry are perpetually out of work, and their new landlord is angrily demanding rent. With no job prospects in sight, all looks bleak until they meet Johnny, a charismatic stranger with a painful past. Johnny comes up with a plan to help the pair out of their financial bind: fight each other on the undercard of a boxing match in exchange for two months’ rent. As Carl grows close to the mysterious Johnny while preparing to do battle in the ring, Larry fears his bond with his best friend could be broken forever.

Date: Friday, August 28, 2015
Time: 4:30pm
Location: Town Hall Theater
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Length: 77 min
Language: English
Country: USA


Director: Aaron Wertheimer
Writer: Aaron Wertheimer
Producers: Min Soo Elle Kim & Rachel Whelan