Vermont Symphony Orchestra to present “Excellence in Music Composed for Film Award”  at the Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival in August

news-vso-logoPRESS RELEASE, 6/23/16 – Beginning August, 2016 at the 2nd Annual Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival [MNFF], the Vermont Symphony Orchestra [VSO], will present its “Excellence in Music Composed for Film Award” to one filmmaker whose selection and incorporation of original music into their film displays the highest potential for future success. The partnership highlights the orchestra’s commitment to empower and nurture new commissions continuing the mission of innovation and exploration. “The Vermont Symphony Orchestra is committed to blanketing our state with exceptional concert experiences, and we love that MNFF is bringing fresh, new art to Vermont,” remarked Executive Director Benjamin Cadwallader. “Through this remarkable partnership, two wildly creative artists work on a collaborative project to elevate the role of music as a singular and critical component in a film.”

As part of this recognition, the Vermont Symphony Orchestra will pair the winning filmmaker with a selected rising composer to co-create a new film with original music. Should that project be ready by the 2017 Festival, a live performance of the original score will take place during the debut screening of the film at the Festival. The awarding panel will consist of Vermont Symphony Orchestra Music Director, Jaime Laredo; New Music Advisor, David Ludwig; Executive Director, Benjamin Cadwallader; members of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra; and a Vermont-based composer.

This multi-year collaboration between the VSO and MNFF would both recognize and celebrate excellence in music composed specifically for film and foster a creative relationship between emerging filmmakers and rising composers. “We are extraordinarily pleased to be collaborating with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra on this highly innovative initiative,” said Lloyd Komesar, MNFF Producer.

“Original music is an essential component of great independent filmmaking. And it makes a powerful statement to the filmmaking community to have the Vermont Symphony Orchestra support the integration of film and music in this remarkable fashion.”

“One of my favorite parts of filmmaking comes during the scoring and recording parts of the process,” said Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival artistic director and filmmaker Jay Craven. “Music adds mood, texture, emotion, and dimension to each moment. The collaborative process to achieve a musical score can lead to rich discoveries, as two very different creative forces unite to find common language. The Vermont Symphony Orchestra’s commitment, to be a part of this, is extremely generous and very exciting for its imaginative potential.”

The Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival was created to support, promote, and exhibit the dynamic and imaginative efforts of new filmmakers. The Festival also works diligently to provide new filmmakers with professional development opportunities during the Festival that are geared toward specific elements of craft and commerce.

INFORMATION: Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival [August 25-28]

Vermont Symphony Orchestra is the only professional statewide orchestra. Under the leadership of Music Director Jaime Laredo since September 2000, the symphony, a state- assisted non-profit organization, was founded in 1934. It is heard year round through live performances in beautiful and diverse venues throughout the state. Its extensive education and community engagement programs reach children, young listeners and adults through educational initiatives. The Vermont Symphony Orchestra has a deep commitment to new music, innovative programming, musical exploration, and fosters and encourages the appreciation of music in all its various forms.

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