The Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival (MNFF) rolled out the second edition of its successful statewide Vermont Tour on February 8-10, 2019. Expanding from six to seven cities and towns this year, the Tour featured two top documentaries from MNFF’s 2018 Festival: Dateline-Saigon, from director Tom Herman and winner of the Best Documentary Feature award, and All the Wild Horses, from director Ivo Marloh and a finalist in the same category. By all accounts, the Tour was a big hit with audiences!

By offering its engaging films across a wide swath of Vermont, MNFF continues its core commitment to bringing the outstanding work of talented first and second time directors to new audiences around its home state. We thank our great filmmakers who joined the Tour, our excellent participating venues and our outstanding sponsors [VPR, VPBS, Milne Travel, Woodchuck Hard Cider and Shelburne Vineyard] for supporting the Tour. In particular, we wish to again thank the Vermont International Film Festival for co-producing our high profile Burlington tour stop.

MNFF will be back in February 2020 with its third edition of the Vermont Tour. Stay tuned for announcements about the films we will have and the cities and towns we will visit. Just as a reminder of what MNFF brought to Vermont this past winter, we offer below each film’s trailer, thumbnail description and a listing of the venues where the films and the filmmakers appeared. We look forward to seeing you next winter for the MNFF Vermont Tour!



Directed by Boston-based Tom Herman, and twelve years in the making, Dateline-Saigon brilliantly profiles five Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists’ stunning and groundbreaking reporting during the early years of the Vietnam War. As President Kennedy committed US troops to what was initially dismissed as a “nice little war in a land of tigers and elephants,” these five young reporters boldly challenged the administration’s version of events on the ground. Integrating his revealing interviews of David Halberstam, Malcolm Browne, Neil Sheehan, Peter Arnett and Horst Faas with extraordinary footage from Saigon, Mr. Herman has created a powerful document of an era that remains a flashpoint in any discussion of recent American history. Winner of the Best Documentary Feature at the 4th Annual Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival. [96 minutes]


Directed by Montreal-based Ivo Marloh, All the Wild Horses is an incredibly dramatic and stunningly beautiful feature documentary that follows a group of international riders from the USA, Canada, South Africa, Ireland and the UK as they compete in the annual Mongol Derby horse race in Mongolia. This multi-horse, multi-station race over a grueling 1,000 kilometers of Mongolian steppe is the longest and toughest horse race on the planet. With a firm but unobtrusive hand, Mr. Marloh offers an intimate view of the humbling impact that this truly amazing race has on its very human participants. [89 minutes]


The MNFF Vermont Tour will play a diverse array of venues around the state on the weekend of February 8-10. All of them are listed below along with dates, screening times and filmmaker appearances.

Friday, February 8

Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center

This Tour stop co-produced in partnership with the Vermont International Film Festival, one of Vermont’s leading cultural organizations and the state’s pioneering film festival.

Saturday, February 9

Billings Farm and Museum

Highland Center for the Arts

Sunday, February 10

Next Stage Arts

Vergennes Opera House

Paramount Theater

Savoy Theater



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